Vocabulary Test on the Rosie Greenman Assignment


In the numbered space, write the ONE word that BEST fits in ALL blanks in the sample sentences.


1. unintelligible

Although very loud, her voice was made __ by static interference.

The dialects of even close neighbors in Korea were often mutually __, making communication difficult.


2. mope

I don't pretend to be happy to retire, but I don't intend to __ around about it.

When the emperor's wife died, he renounced the throne, entered a monastery, and __ed away his life.


3. moorings

"Modern man has been torn from his spiritual __."  —F. L. Baumer

The cove provided __ for twenty-five pontoon planes.


4. option

In ancient times when a man sold property and then died, his closest blood relative had the first __ to buy it back.

Although there are many styles of eyeglasses frames, my __s are limited by my budget.


5. speculation

Reckless __ in the stock market leads to unwise investment and possible financial ruin.

Surely you can't know for certain where this creature came from; don't waste my time with idle __.


6. assertion

A dog or wolf will mark its territory by urinating on its boundaries as a sort of __ of ownership.

We could not verify the truth of the witness's __s.


7. synthesize

Chemists can __ a mirror image of the sugar molecule; it tastes and behaves like sugar in cooking but isn't fattening.

When a problem's various aspects come into focus and alignment, we are __ing them and approaching a solution.


8. feasible

Provided that the lake freezes solid, the proposal to carry building materials to the island over the ice is __.

"Irradiation of pork is simple, rapid, commercially __, and sanitary."  Biol. Abstracts


9. indulge

Being overweight, I dare not __ my passion for sweets.

You will spoil your son if you __ his whims all the time.


10. relevant

Begin your research by reading all published material __ to the topic.

Deciding what previous legal cases are __ to a new case requires a subtle intelligence and imagination.