Identifying Sentence Parts


Directions: Click in the answer box, copy the subject of the sentence, and click on the "Check" button.


There in the basement, we could smell blood.
Answer: we

There in the basement, Holmes and Watson could smell blood.
Answer: Holmes and Watson

The Subject of a Sentence

      You have examined verbs because every sentence has one, even commands, whose subjects are only implied. Every sentence also has a subject (in commands the subject is always "you"). When you make a statement, you are saying something ("predicating" something) about a subject. What you predicate about the subject is called the PREDICATE, and the key word in the predicate is the verb. Grammarians say that the subject "governs" the verb, by which is meant that if the subject is singular the verb will be singular as well, and if the subject is plural the verb too is plural. This is what is meant when we say that the subject and the verb AGREE.
      You are expected to learn the term "agree" and also to identify the subject, especially the "simple subject," the noun or pronoun with which the verb agrees in number. Read the directions and examples above and begin the exercise.