translated by
Robert Fitzgerald


Book I: A Goddess Intervenes

Book II: A Hero's Son Awakes

Book III: The Lord of the Western Approaches

Book IV: The Red-Haired King and His Lady

Book V: Sweet Nymph and Open Sea

Book VI: The Princess at the River

Book VII: Gardens and Firelight

Book VIII: The Songs of the Harper

Book IX: New Coasts and Poseidon's Son

Book X: The Grace of the Witch

Book XI: A Gathering of Shades

Book XII: Sea Perils and Defeat

Book XIII: One More Strange Land

Book XIV: Hospitality in the Forest

Book XV: How They Came to Ithaka

Book XVI: Father and Son

Book XVII: The Beggar at the Manor

Book XVIII: Blows and a Queen's Beauty

Book XIX: Recognitions and a Dream

Book XX: Signs and a Vision

Book XXI: The Test of the Bow

Book XXII: Death in the Great Hall

Book XXIII: The Trunk of the Olive Tree

Book XXIV: Warriors, Farewell