Pronoun Case: Getting It Right All the Time

      These lessons will teach you how to choose between pairs like the following (click on the distinction you would like to work on first):

  •  "him and his brother" vs. "he and his brother"

Click here for basic exercise.
Click here for advanced exercises.

      Perhaps you are surprised to see all of these listed as options; perhaps you were under the impression that some of these phrases are incorrect under all circumstances. If so, you need this lesson.
      In Modern English, unlike French and Italian, only pronouns change form according to their grammatical function (their "case"): he / him/ his or they / them / their / theirs. Perhaps a more extensive case system in English would give us more practice and make us more proficient, but as things now stand, we have little guidance. Many modern authors, who train the general public's "ear" (its sense of what sounds correct), are themselves guided by only a feeble grasp of some grammatical concepts, which they often misapply. This lesson is for those who want to get it right all the time.