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Daily Assignments

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03/07-03/13: Spring Break.  Decide on your grading contract.  Note that Friday March 25, is the last day to withdraw with a "W.

You may wish to read my comments on the midterm exam.

T 03/16:  Finish Camille.  See study questions and Suggestions for Written Homework.  The grading contract is due.

Th 03/18:  Frankenstein: Chapter 12 and Chapter 13See study materials.

T 03/23:  Huckleberry Finn:  Chapters 23-27. See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.  I intend to play a recording of a portion of Chapter 23 in class.

Th 03/25:  Frankenstein: Chapter 14 and Chapter 15See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.
Click here to read how I would have answered the question about dramatic irony.

T 03/30:  Huckleberry Finn:  Chapters 28-32. See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.

Th 04/01:  Frankenstein: Chapter 16 and Chapter 17See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.

T 04/06:  Huckleberry Finn:  Chapters 33-37. See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.

Th 04/08:  Frankenstein: Chapter 18 and Chapter 19. See study materials.  See Suggestions for Writing.

T 04/13:  Huckleberry Finn:  Chapters 38-43. See study materials.  In the Suggestions for Writing you will remember that you were invited to give each chapter in the novel a title.  Be aware that the most important part of this exercise is to explain why you have given this particular title to the chapter.  This assignment is now due.  It's great review, and you can really clean up here on points.  With 1/4 point per title and 1/4 point per justification, that would amount to 21-22 points in all.

Th 04/15:  Frankenstein: Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 See study materials. See Suggestions for Writing.

T 04/20:  Read Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" at this site.  A dramatized reading with music and illustrations will be presented in class.  Sparknotes can be helpful.

Th 04/22:  Frankenstein: Chapter 22 and Chapter 23See study materials.  The course evaluation will be administered.

T 04/27:  Frankenstein: Chapter 24See study materials.  There will be no time in class for peer-group discussion, so be ready with any questions you wish to ask.  We will begin to watch Gentleman's Agreement, 1947, Starring Gregory Peck, Dorothy Malone, Celeste Holm, and John Garfield, with Dean Stockwell.  Watch Academy Award trailer. 

Th 04/29:  Film, concluded To review for the final exam and to earn last-minute homework points, you may leave proposed exam questions at the electronic bulletin board, where I will make comments on the questions.